Physician Heal Thyself!

Physician, heal thyself!
Cura te ipsum

Welcome to my first blog,
I have been healing and learning for many years. My mother was fetal alcohol damaged but raised on a farm with chickens, sheep and a Jersey cow. So it tended not to affect her beauty, or even intelligence but did damage her Social Quotient. So her high quality protein farm vittles modified the damage she would otherwise have suffered. Still……….
Don’t drink! Especially when pregnant. Even chronic drinking fathers can damage their DNA and cause lifelong damage to their babies.

So my mother had a fairly strong constitution (an old timey term for physically strong ) , and by golly managed to avoid going to the doctor until she was 80. I remember her taking us to the doctor when we were pretty small and taking us to vaccine clinics in long boring lines but not much after that. (more on vaccine damage later). She didn’t downtalk doctors much, she just treated them with “ignore”.

I must have discovered the world of nutrition at about age 22 while working at my first nursing home as a CNA . I don’t know how except I ran across a book called “Low Blood Sugar and You” by Carlton Fredericks. Mama was a sugarholic and so was I as she had raised my sister and I to be such. I don’t know how she escaped diabetes for so long without damage.
But in that book I learned about how sugar damages so many systems in the body, that an addiction to it causes false diagnoses, (or now I think it actually causes these things, learning what they are learning about glycation and such now) like MS, Senility, heart disease, etc., the list is long. I know it affected me and I stopped for 6 years.

But this is what I think got me on this lifelong tangent. Earlier as a teen, I had begun to work my first job in fast food, and earned enough to take the dogs to the vet to get them fixed and get them treatment. We had no less than 7 dogs at a time as I was growing up because after our babysitter/ Grandma died, (I was 11) we were latchkey kids, and as such were pretty much trusted to do the right thing, but were also protected by our many dogs. All breeds, Coonhound, German Shepherds, Chihuahua, terriers of different sorts, crossbreeds, poodles. Poodles can be a formidable watchdog. Our first was from the pound, and was a Miniature, for those who don’t know, that’s a midsized poodle. About 50 lbs. They were originally a curly coated retriever, that’s why they are so smart and so good about carrying things in their mouth. At least ours was. And she knew our names.

At around 18 I began to take our dogs (walked them to the vet, a trip of about 3.6 miles according to Google maps) to get spayed and neutered, as Mama never did that- and we would have to keep them apart to prevent unwanted litters. Looking back, we did pretty well- we only had about 3 kitty litters and one puppy litter. But I wanted to do the responsible thing.

Back then I think it cost about $75 for a female, less of course for a male.
Then I took our Coonhound in for her skin. Honey was a full blood Black and Tan Coonhound, but she was bald even at just 2 years old. We raised her from a puppy, so it was fully our own fault. Flea allergy they called it. She had rheamy eyes, red, angry, inflamed, weepy skin, hair on back missing, and thin all around, goopy, smelly ears, and they have some big ears. She itched and hurt all the time. I felt so sorry for her. So in my naiveté, off we went to the vet. She would fix her right up, I figured.

The vet gave her cortisone shots. Her hair briefly grew back, then fell out again.
My mother was a reader and had hundreds of books, plus we loved our library. She had herbal books, and would use a stinky shampoo on the dog, and use a “sheepdip” on her regularly, which I now know is quite toxic. None of that helped. She tried brewer’s yeast, which now I know is rich in vitamins, but then my Mama only fed it to her occasionally, expecting it to work once and then you’re done. Now I know that is not how it works.

Later in my 20’s after the Carlton Fredericks read, I found Dr. Pitcairn’s Natural Dog Care, and he discussed what a dog in the wild would eat. Raw meat.
His recipe called for well cooked brown rice, well cooked beans,(now I know to soak those well, for a few days if possible before cooking) ground in a food processor (developed my first love of a food processor) and raw ground turkey. At that time it was available at the grocery store in bulk. I never see ground turkey anymore. But there is no reason one couldn’t use any raw meat. I don’t remember if the recipe recommended raw organ meat, I know I didn’t shop for it, and added ground rose hips from our own rose bushes for vitamin C. Dr. Pitcairn had said hip dysplasia was a scurvy symptom as was Wobbler’s Syndrome- Now I know vitamin C is one of the essentials for bone and connective tissue health and is never mentioned in common articles on bone health. Dr. Pitcairn either himself or had a breeder who did an experiment- bred known hip dysplasic bitch and fed her vitamin C supplements through the pregnancy and kept the puppies on vitamin C and the puppies never showed signs of bone maldevelopment. Though dogs make vitamin C, they don’t make it very efficiently or very much of it, and do respond to supplementation. (normally C is concentrated in the adrenal glands if you feed it to them raw- but it can be in all raw tissues in smaller amounts).

Now I know even my goats, who are the experts at internally synthesized vitamin C still crave it in the form of chewable tablets and powdered multiples. Now I know C is responsible for the proverbial 300 + cellular processes, and structural building blocks. (bones , teeth and cartilage). That goes for all of us in general; humans, goats, dogs, cats, gerbils, chickens, etc. And those that can make it , even if efficient, still need oral building blocks to make more if the need arises. Goats are known to make 600 mg of C a day when not under stress and 6000 mg when under stress. And I know they crave it when available in oral form. I am amazed at how sour an item they can tolerate- they will eat cut up lemons. This is one reason goats are so famous for eating the rose bushes- lots of C there.

Anyway, back to Honey’s story, Even though it was expensive for me to make dog food with raw meat working for minimum wage, (at the time was $2 something an hour), I watched as Honey quickly grew hair and became normal. Ears cleared up, skin cleared up, no more pain and scratching, and whimpering as she hurt herself scratching.
Mind you what she had been on was generic dog food- and in those days, when they first came out with generics, the grocery stores would stock an aisle of just generics, and everything would be in either a white or yellow bag with no embellishment, no name, not even the store brand, very plain. Just “DOG FOOD” or “CORN CHIPS”. It did have an ingredient list but the laws were a little liberal then and “protein meal” could be ground feathers quite legally. And that is what I suppose our poor dogs were eating. They ALL had heart murmurs. I was already playing nurse with the animals and had a stethoscope, but was concerned that not one of our dogs had a normal heart rhythm. NOW I know that was probably magnesium and other deficiencies. Some died of obvious heart attacks.

Also back then meat based dog food was impossible to find. It simply did not exist. So raw meat was our only choice if one were to properly feed a dog or cat.

Fortunately we could still get some bones and waste parts for cheap back then, but not anymore. Now they have capitalized on cruddy cuts, stomach and tongue and wings, that us Po folks used to be able to get and turned them into out of sight priced delicacies now.

Now we can get meat based dog food and supplement with raw liver. Sometimes that gets contaminated by melamine- look up the melamine dog food and cat food disaster. Ideally, we would be growing all our own meat animals on our own home grown pasture cutting a lot of costs, but I am not there yet. I have the land but it freezes  9 months out of the year reminding me “Yup Mama wasn’t kidding about this one” , my mother used to complain about Wyoming. Well, she raised us in very moderate and comfortable Santa Cruz, CA, by the coast, but land prices were out of sight when I had saved my money to buy my own. So I found 80 acres for $21,000 and there’s a reason for that. It’s high desert mountain elevation. It has a beauty of it’s own but it’s far from lush and green. But that was in 1982. Land and houses in Santa Cruz were over $100,000 and I knew I could never afford that on my CNA wages. So I took to the hills.

3700 feet.

The ground is predominantly sand. And years later when I learned about soil minerals balancing, the sand tested out as deficient in about everything. No wonder every tree I planted died.

I had a raised garden bed system for garden crops and that worked well for awhile- I used bunny poo from the bunny pen and those composted quickly and well. Goat, chicken and sheep have to compost longer and do get hotter.
When our tomatoes were being quickly destroyed by hornworms, I had the compost tested. Luckily I only needed calcium. I bought cheap gypsum (calcium sulfate) and sprinkled that liberally all over and the tomatoes recovered quickly, kind of like Honey the coonhound. Hmmm.

I would like to continue but must get my post in, and learn what I can do with the new blog site. I just have commented on a lot of sites and have been helped with my health on a lot of forums and wanted to give a background as to WHY I get so adamant about vitamins and minerals and probiotics, etc. It’s not because I just read something somewhere- and blindly believe what I am told- it’s because I have seen this stuff work. And the more I read and try it and watch it work the more amazed I am at how our bodies (and those of our animals) have been lovingly and intricately made.


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